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State of battery charge always available.
E-Cigarette Battery for iPhone® counts the uses of your e-cigarette since the last battery recharge, and keeps track of the energy left in the battery.
With its simple and high-quality interface, ECigBattery will change your way to use e-cigarettes!

Key Features
- Self-learning of the battery capacity
- Up to 8 batteries management
- Clean, simple, high quality user interface
- Optimized for iPhone 5

How it works
Press the Smoked! button every time that you use your e-cigarette.
The uses value will be incremented and the energy level of your battery will decrease. You can easily undo the operation shaking the iPhone.
Press the Recharge! button after the recharge of your real e-cigarette battery. The number of uses will be reset to zero.
The energy level is updated considering the actual number of uses and the capacity of the battery. The capacity indicates the max number of uses after a complete charge of the battery.
The capacity value can be automatically learned by the application or it can be manually set by the user according to his personal experience.

If the self-learning option is enabled, the capacity of the battery is automatically learned by the application.
When the Recharge! button is pressed, the application asks to the user if the
e-cigarette battery was completely empty.
If the user replies Yes, the application will use the data of the last cycle to automatically update the estimated capacity of the battery.

Consider your vaping style
Press the Smoked! button after the use of the e-cigarette, at the end of your regular series of puffs.
If your series are not regular, in other words you get from the e-cigarette a number of puffs that is very different from time to time, it would be better to count a value proportional to the number of puffs (for example, you can press the button 1 time if you've smoked not much, 2 times if you've smoked regularly, 3 times if you've smoked a lot).

Choose your colour!
The application can manage up to 8 batteries, and every battery can be identified through a specific name and colour.
Choose your favourite colours from the integrated circular picker.

E-Cigarette Battery